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Watch Goddess Jenn and Selena Loca lean to one side and RIP THE FUCKING CHAIR IN HALF with long RUMBLY monster blasts!  this is fucking INCREDIBLE!

if HUGE ASSES IN JEANS is your thing



there is nothing else left to be said.. this clip is  fucking AMAZING!

Your dad is not home so you quickly get a fart sniffing session in with your mom!  She tells you that you must like the "smell of her farts" because you "never complain".. they are DEEP and stink like eggs!  and the both of you are trying to finish quickly before your dad gets home!

You made a deal with your SEXY ROOMMATE Santana Redd that she can stay at your apartment RENT FREE as long as she lets you sniff her farts whenever she has to fart.  So in this CUSTOM FANTASY you are just hanging out with her sniffing all her farts for a WHOLE WEEK...  she is cleaning the kitchen.. and farting... you get to smell them... she is hanging out in her room.. you get to smell them... she is laying and relaxing.. and every time she has to rip a stinky fart she does it right in your face!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY once again your cute roommate knows you have a STRONG FART FETISH so whenever she is running a little short on cash she asks you can she pay her rent with farts.. in other words.. she will let you BURY YOUR NOSE IN HER ROUND ASS and inhale all of her farts for a few days and in exchange for this you let her slide on this months rent.  as soon as you hear that RUMBLY MULTI TONED FART clearly it is an offer you cannot refuse! this time she wants 1000 DOLLARS!!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY Santana had INDIAN FOOD and that always makes her farts EXTRA STINKY she thinks it must be the CURRY that does not agree with her.. but she does not mind these farts because she loves to PUNISH her son for not waking up on time.  so she TIP TOES over to him while he is sleeping and LOWERS HER ASS down onto this face and rips her AWFUL SMELLING Indian food farts all over his nose until he wakes up screaming!

DAKOTA is just begging you to get down behind her on your knees and bury your face into tight spandex paradise as she farts long bubblers right on your nose!

Watch Sexy Dakota shove the white bunnie deep into her asshole and rip BUBBLY BASSY FARTS on its poor little face until it is covered with BROWN STAINS!

I just love watching her fart.. she is so funny in this compilation... every time she farts she lifts her leg.. BRUMPHH BRUMPHH BRUMPHH!  she is like a gassy AK 47!  POOT POOT POOT!!

Your step-mom always walks around in panties and every time your step-mom comes into your room she LIFTS UP HER LEG and FARTS!  She does it to make you laugh.. but they STINK and she thinks its funny..  "hey clean your room PARP... Dinners ready PARP..  Hey your friend is here PARP" and she always lifts her leg!! then she waves the smell of her RAUNCHY FART over to me because she wants me to smell it....  why???

if you would like your own custom email us at info at c world ent . com

You walk into the kitchen to be fun and flirty with your new girlfriend..  but she warns you that she has BAD GAS and that you may not want to come in there..  she is just playing on the computer and FARTING HER ASS OFF and you sit right there behind her adoring her ass and her eggy smelly farts!

Your HOT ROOMMATE has food poisoning and she is really sick.  She is THROWING UP into a bucket when you walk into her bedroom.. she is so ill right now and for whatever reason she is FARTING LIKE CRAZY!  and these farts are POWERFUL!  sounds like FUCKING GODZILLA coming out of her ass!  The sounds of the farts are so sexy but I feel bad about being turned on because my friend is not feeling too good.. but I SNIFF HER ASS anyways.. and she gets mad at me.. .and yells at me..  "why don't you help me instead of sniffing my ass.. what is wrong with you??"

Mufasa wants to fart ALL OVER YOUR COCK!  get behind her so she can blast you away with her powerful WET ASS FARTS!  something upset her stomach cuz them farts are really wet!  she bout to have an accident on your dick!

This video starts of with Sexy Dakota ripping BRITTANY MOORE type rippers in tight black boxers and then she pulls them down for more sexy farting then OOOPS!  she SHARTED!  you can actually hear her buttcheeks filling up with CHOCOLATE PUDDING.. if you like MESSY SOUNDING farts.. issa MUST SEE!


You just started dating this super hot chick and you have noticed that she is not embarrassed to fart in front of you.  She farts all the time but she does not know how much you love it.  on this day..  She had just gotten out of the shower and she was laying on her bed playing with her phone.  she was FARTING UP A STORM and you heard her in the other room.  You got so turned on that you slowly crawled up behind her and started eating her ass while she farts in your face!  she says "hey you, what are you doing back there?"  as she continues to fart and enjoy you EATING HER ASS and PUSSY!  she then gets so turned on and says "alright, I am ready to fuck"  she gets up, backs her ass up and REACHES BACK TO PUT YOUR HARD COCK IN HER PUSSY!  you begin banging her reverse cowgirl and after awhile you switch up to back shots.. you are fucking her so hard and she is FARTING THE WHOLE TIME!  DEEP BASSY farts at that and you are so ready to cum!  after a proper pounding you are ready to explode so she turns around and STICKS OUT HER TONGUE so you can CUM ALL OVER HER MOUTH AND HUGE TITS!  "give it to me" she says and you UNLEASH YOUR ENTIRE LOAD all over those pretty lips and BALLOON BOOBS!!!

Santana came home after a night of very heavy drinking and she CAN'T STOP BARFING!  Something she ate at dinner did not mix well with those cocktails and now she is very sick.  She is on her bedroom floor barfing into a bucket and with every HEAVE she is farting very LOUDLY!  as her "roommate" you want to go in and help her but you can't help but smell these ROTTEN FARTS she keeps pushing out as she vomits.  You bend down and sniff her ass after every fart because you can't help yourself.. she gets mad and keeps telling you... "I am throwing up in a bucket and you have the nerve to try to sniff my fart right now???  why don't you fucking help me instead of trying to always sniff my ass???"  she makes you feel pretty bad.. BUT HER ASS IN TIGHT JEANS looks so good...you keep on sniffing those farts!!

Your hot roommate LOLA LUV is cleaning the apartment and you just happen to notice she is farting a LOT!  and they are load and there are tons of them.. although she gets ANNOYED you ask her if you can please sniff her farts every time you hear one.. she tells you "dude, I don't have time for this I am trying to finish cleaning" but you keep asking and asking so finally she lets you sniff each fart so you can LEAVE HER ALONE.  She rips it right in your face and says.. "ok, you sniffed it, now get outta here"

Nicole is sick and tired of 2020 just like the rest of us!  So she lifts her leg and rips 20 SECOND LONG BOMBASTIC ASS RIPPERS in hopes of propelling herself OUTTA HERE to another time and place!  YES most of these farts were in the 15-20 SECOND RANGE.. please..  TAKE ME WITH YOU NICOLE!!!!


Your silly roommate is very gassy today.  you come in the room and she starts joking around with you..

"hey, I wanna tell you something.... (PARRRRRP)"  then she lifts her leg and rips a deep fart.. but she suddenly becomes EMBARRASSED because the farts are STINKIER than she thought they were going to be.  So she apologizes right away...  "sorry.. I am so sorry"

GAWD THIS IS SO HOT!  Dakota is ripping LONG farts on Mufasa's face and THEY STINK they both cannot stop laughing because her farts are SO SMELLY and then Mufasa PLAYS WITH HER PUSSY while farting on Dakota's face!  MAN these girls get FREAKIER every week!!

OH MY GOODNESS!  Watching Mufasa gently rub Dakota's ass and then fucking BURY her nose in there and then Dakota ripping RUMBLY farts on her nose and THEN Mufasa turns around and sticks her round ass in Dakota's face and Dakota REALLY buries her nose as Mufasa blasts her face.. boys.. THIS IS FUCKING HOT!

Both DAKOTA and MUFASA were farting so bad in the house that their friends told them to GO OUTSIDE!  So they took their stinky asses outside and farted in each others faces... SOOOO HOOOOOT!

Mufasa put her HUGE NATURAL BOOBS on display in this one.. wetting her SEE THRU white top and showing off those HUGE BALLOONS and LEANS TO ONE SIDE and rips WET, EXPLOSIVE farts then next shows off that ROUND PERFECT ASS and again more WET EXPLOSIVE GAS!  She is one of the HOTTEST we have ever seen!

After giving you TON and TONS of MEGA RUMBLY WATERY POWERFUL FARTS from her big round perfectly shaped ass Nicole turns around and gets on her knees and says...

"thank you for watching my clip, now I am going to suck your cock"

OMG these farts are FUCKING FANTASTIC!  and there is a BUNCH of them with amazing angles of her ass.. and if you can actually make it to the end of this clip she gives you a WORLD CLASS POV blowjob!!!

SELENA LOCA BRITTANY MOORE EVE TABOO ORIGINAL JACKIE THE RIPPER... name all the historic BUBBLY FARTERS and roll them all into one and you still WILL NOT BELIEVE THESE FARTS!!  These are some of the BEST JEAN FARTS you will ever hear!!!  ONCE IN A LIFETIME FARTS!!!!!

THE FARTS SOUND SO DEEP..  HER ASS IS SO ROUND!  these are probably the BEST farts she has ever ripped.  deep TROMBONE sounding jean farts in amazing poses.. THIS.. IS FUCKING HOT!

Imagine you get to meet SANTANA REDD in real life!!!  you have waited in line all day, paid your fee and finally NOW you get to sniff her farts!  she starts off the video talking to her fans...


then she farts in your face.. over and over again.. changing clothes for you.. going from JEANS to LEGGINGS.. then back to JEANS.. ripping fart after fart after DEEP TUBA fart right on your nose!  then at the end of the clip she tells you

"I am going to take these jeans off so you can really get your nose all the way in there!"

then she takes off her jeans so you can BURY YOUR NOSE in her BARE ASS!

OMG!!!  this is such a HOT custom fantasy that she came up with for all to enjoy!!!

YES..  ONE FUCKING MINUTE!!!!  60 FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!  this long WHOPPER ends in a SHART!!! She starts the video off by looking into the camera and saying she would like to break the record of 35 SECONDS and BOY.. she crushed it!  this clip contains the LONGEST FARTS in FART FETISH HISTORY!  A 40, about 3 THIRTIES and topped off with a 60 SECOND FUCKING FART! AND THE SHART was a nice cherry on top of this sundae!!! she is the FUCKING QUEEN!  THE LONGEST FARTS EVER all in one clip!!!!!!!!


We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at @CWorldent
Nicole wants to play a sadistic game with you.  You have to minutes to cum from her LOUD AND POWERFUL rumbly farts in leggings and if you don't there will be consequences!  She tells you "hello fart slave, let's play a game!"  she wants to TORTURE YOU in this clip with her INCREDIBLE farts in TIGHT LEGGINGS!


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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent