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GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR! at it again! While blowing them in your face Santana describes her long deep Bassy gas! Saying things like,

"why do they sound so deep? Sounds like a tuba or a trombone. That sound really makes your dick hard doesn't it? Sounds like a cow going m o o. Why do they sound like that? I know you like that sound!"

PART 4-  GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR watch out! Santana is back at it! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and she says "sniff it" after every drawn out blast!!

watch GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR Rocsi stick that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LONG FARTS all over your nose while teasing you the whole time! asking you "does it stink?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

part 2! your favorite GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR your STEP-MOM wants you to rub her back for her and she promises to rip a LOUD FART in your face because she knows you like her big farts!

GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR at it again! Punishing you with MEGA BLASTS Fennixx is back! as she fucking PULVERIZES YOUR FACE with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  THIS TIME IN TIGHT LEGGINGS!! the queen is fucking BACK!


your favorite GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR,  Rocsi has noticed that YOU her STEP-SON has been stealing her dirty panties and sniffing them and jerking off to them.. she tells you

"step-son stop stealing my panties it's really creepy.  you wanna sniff my ass so bad sniff this deep rumbly fart instead"

THE QOF, one of your favorite GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR has been gaining weight!  her ass is getting HUGE! that thing is as WIDE AS ALL OUTSIDE! and in her BRAND NEW JEANS SHORTS these farts are sounding extra LONG AND BUBBLY!!

one of your favorite GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR is back with another heater!  watching Santana Redd rip LONG DRAWN OUT FARTS in sexy tight jeans is so hot and then that sexy MOAN.. that SIGH OF RELIEF after every long blast makes the clip even HOTTER!

the QOF your favorite GASSY GIRL NEXT DOOR, is ready to fart in your face ALL NIGHT LONG! I hope your face and nose are ready!  these farts sound DEEP, RUMBLY and fucking BASSY!

one of your favorite GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR Rocsi wants you to stroke your cock as she pushes out LONG DEEP HORN farts in your face as you bury your face into her ass!

one of your favorite GASSY GIRLS NEXT DOOR, THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!! FENNIXX owes YOU, her roommate money... you like farts... so you are making her pay you back in farts... she is pissed! she hates this.. but she does it anyway.  every time she has to fart she must fart in your face.. FENNIXX SAYS-- "well here is your stupid fart.... now fuck off!"

your favorite GASSY GIRL NEXT DOOR, Goddess Jenn is one of the greatest fetish models to ever live! put these LONG MULTI TONED TUBA BLASTS up there with the BEST SOUNDING FARTS YOU EVER HEARD! cuz without a doubt Goddess Jenn has turned in the BEST JEAN FART MOVIE EVER!!!! part 2!!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY Jenn hops on a plane to come visit you so she can make your FACE FARTING FANTASY come true!  long deep MOOO'ING COW type farts being blown in your face all weekend long.. can you handle this!?  she says "well I am here after a very long flight, I know this is what you have been waiting for so bring your nose over here!"

IN THIS CUSTOM POV FANTASY! Your Step Mom loves farting in your face and when you don't wake up in the morning in time she is happy to FART ON YOUR NOSE to wake you up so you can come and have breakfast.  WHY DOES MY STEP MOM DO THIS TO ME???

your roommate Rocsi is doing chores and cleaning around the house and FARTING UP A STORM!  they stink SO BAD and she cannot understand why you want to come SNIFF THEM every time you hear her LOUD FART rip outta her ass!  she is quite annoyed with you!

Rocsi owes YOU, her roommate money... you like farts... so you are making her pay you back in farts... she is pissed! she hates this.. but she does it anyway.  every time she has to fart she must fart in your face.. ROCSI SAYS-- "well here is your stupid fart.... now fuck off!"

New model Rocsi wants you to get on your knees so she can fart directly on your nose!  and she wants you to do a COUNT DOWN just so you know when that BUBBLY BLASTER is coming in your face! BOOM!


"oh yes.. fuck yes.. fuck fuck fuck" "get in between my cheeks.. right now.... I am not fucking around?? you are my fart boy today..." "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... bury your fucking face in it"  "fart air is the only air you deserve, so open your nose and fucking inhale it"


Mona has just broken up with her boyfriend because she has been seeing, and sleeping with me for a while behind her boyfriend's back. You see, after she discovered how much nicer and noble I am, as well as how big my dick is, and how much I enjoy her fart filled big bopping booty, it’s no surprise that she fell for me, and chose to rather be with me than her asshole boyfriend. Mona dumped him in a very humiliating way, and we had amazing sex afterward. The morning after, though, I wake up to see that Mona isn’t in bed with me, so I walk out of the bedroom to see where she could be, only to spot her in the living room wearing nothing but a hot pair of black lingerie, and ruby red lipstick.  I enter the living room and she walks over to greet me, while FARTING WITH EVERY STEP. After greeting me with AMAZING KISS, she tells me that she is so excited and wet for the morning as she wants to treat me with something special, since it is her first day free of her now previous asshole boyfriend, and her first full day with me. She then tells me that she wants me to be her master today and that she wants me to tell her what to do on this special morning. She then rips out a NICE BASSY FART, and gives me a playful wink before I tell her what I want her to do. After a little bit of thought, I tell her master says to get on your knees and bend over face down, ass up. She then obeys my command, and after she assumes the position, she asks me what I wish of her next, and I tell her to let them rip, and if she makes them the way I like, which is nice bassy and special, then I would reward her with my nice big dick and a real good fuck. With an offer like that on the line, she happily obliges, and let’s those special bassy farts I love so much loose from her big tooty booty. While she farts she gives me some dirty encouraging words, and says things like, “You like the smell of my farts?”, “Come And Sniff My Stinky Rumblers”, “You can clean my ass if you wish, honey”, “You just love to have fun with me, don’t you baby?”, “Do you want to get behind me, so that way you can lick my meaty ass, honey?”, “I will do whatever you want today, baby” 

in this POV FANTASY you have just told your new gf Indica that you get turned on when pretty girls fart.  she tells you it's "ok" and "I see you looking at my butt, I know you want to sniff what comes out of it.. it's ok just don't be all weird about it" and playfully she proceeds to fart LOUDLY in your face over and over again

THIS IS SO FUCKING SPECTACULAR!!! Watch FENNIXX fart for 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELIEVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!! IT IS BASICALLY LIKE WATCHING A 2 MINUTE FART!!!! THIS IS PART 2!

IN HER NEW BLUE LATEX PANTS Santana tells you at the beginning of this clip.. "get ready to sniff 100 farts fucker!" then she breaks her HUGE LONG farts down into SMALLER more powerful farts and blasts your nose had to be with at least 100 farts!  she takes her latex down halfway thru to get CLOSER to your nose!