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Santana Redd is the epitome of the innocent
girl living next door that is secretly a SUPER FREEK!
You just might find the hot girl that lives
next door to you on this site one day!  Every
 chick has a "freaky" side and the innocent "girl next door"
types are usually the freakiest of them all!  Farting on the
 internet for all the world to see is about as freaky as it gets!
( was formerly known as
Tuna casserole, bangers and mash
lots of dark beer and ice cream...
Santana has been eating bad all week
long.. now it is her mans turn to taste it!
But she doesn't just want him to smell
it.. she wants him to EAT IT! JUST EAT IT!
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I made a huge list of fart fantasies that I have gotten over the years from
my loyal fans and I decided to have Santana Redd, one of the best
fart models ever, act out each fantasy to the best of her ability!
Let's just say the results were UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE!  They are...

1.  I want you to twerk and with every twerk motion I want you to
rip a fart for me.  The bigger the fart the better.
2.  While in the kitchen pretend I suddenly pulled your pants down and
got down on my knees and started eating your ass.  As you
are bent over the counter fart in my face and enjoy as I eat your ass.
3.  You are laying on the couch and for some reason your ass itches really bad!
as you lay there and dig in your ass you fart loudly to try to get relief from you itchy ass.
4.  I come home to find that you are super horny.. as soon as I come in the door we
start making mad passionate love.. of course you are gassy and fart the whole time
we are having sex doggystyle.. you end it by farting HUGE farts as you play with
my dick, kissing it, playing with it in your mouth.. gently sucking and kissing it!
5.  As you get pounded from the back let out LONG farts on his
dick as your man pounds your pussy until you CLIMAX!
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You recently built up the courage to tell your hot girlfriend
that you are turned on by her farts.  Surprisingly she is really
cool about it.  She notices that you kind of follow her around
the house waiting for her to fart.  She is fun and playful about
it, but she is curious on why you like it so much.  So as you sit there
behind her shes asks you and of course rips LONG, BASSY
farts then brings her ass over to you so you can SNIFF!
She loves doing it for you because she can see that
it makes you so horny!  She just wants to know why.
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Spicy Sausages, Fresh Onionz, Cheddar cheese, Tall mug of beer
Peanut butter shake for dessert.  This is just ONE of the meals
Santana ate to give herself EXTREME GAS!  I told her to focus
on the foods that give her the SMELLIEST farts for this update
and at the same time force her man to ENDURE all of her FUNK
as he WORSHIPS, KISSES, LICKS AND SNIFFS her big round ass!
She said her gas smelled SO BAD she could not believe his nose
and face was so close to that!  Did he make it?!  Watch and see!
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I made a huge list of fart fantasies that I have gotten over the years from
my loyal fans and I decided to have Santana Redd, one of the best
fart models ever, act out each fantasy to the best of her ability!
Let's just say the results were UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE!  They are...

1.  Your man rushes into the bathroom because he knows you are
taking a big SMELLY dump!  You realize how much this turns
him on so you begin slobbing on his hard cock.  Teasing him
in a cute way... "I can't believe the smell of my SHIT turns
you on so much"  Give him the best POV BJ of his life!
2.  You are having a casual conversation on the phone with your
bestie but you have bad gas!  Fart into the phone so she can hear
you.. be fun and playful, laughing and having fun candidly farting!
3.  You are the cute "gassy" girlfriend.  You fart in front of your bf
just because you are comfortable and not embarrassed.  Talk with
him casually and let em RIP whenver you have to!
4.  Pretend your number one fan is seated in a chair behind
you.  Put on some tight jeans and fart eye level right into his
face.  DEEP FART after DEEP FART until he passes out!
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I made a huge list of fart fantasies that I have gotten over the years from
my loyal fans and I decided to have Santana Redd, one of the best
fart models ever, act out each fantasy to the best of her ability!
Let's just say the results were UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE!  They are...

1.  You have been waiting all day long for your man to
get home so you can suck his d*ck!  You have also held all
of your farts in all day because you know he likes that.  Give
him the best "POV" blowjob ever until he shoots his thick
load right down your throat!  (very realistic with cum and everything)
2.  Your number one fan has paid you 10k to dance sexy
and seductive for him while farting in his face in tight jeans!
Give him the sexiest dance ever and fart deep RUMBLEY
SULPHUR FARTS right in his face over and over again
POV style and make it very realistic!
3.  Get naked and put a pile of baby powder all over
your ass.. fart powerfully so there is a cloud of powder!
4.  Pretend the stuffed animal is your number one
fan.  Dance sexy in panties and fart all over his nose!
5.  Pretend your BF has followed you into the toilet
so he can hear you fart.. he know you rip your LONGEST
and DEEPEST farts while on the toilet!
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I made a huge list of fart fantasies that I have gotten over the years from
my loyal fans and I decided to have Santana Redd, one of the best
fart models ever, act out each fantasy to the best of her ability!
Let's just say the results were UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE!  They are...

1.  Pretend one of your fans is kneeling behind you, stick
your big round ass in his face and tease him with it in
panties.  Although you are full of gas  I want you to let
each LONG fart out into smaller farts so your slave can
enjoy each burst of stinky air!  As you move your ass around
and fart, tease him.  "bite my ass baby, sniff it, smell that fart"
2.  Give your fan a POV blow job as you take a HUGE DUMP
on the toilet!  Slob on his cock as you drop a big PLOPPY load!
3.  Let out LONG, RELIEVING farts as you play with yourself!
As the farts get longer your masturbating fingers speed up
as you fart until you have had your orgasm
4.  Rip LONG DEEP farts into a towel, smell the towel
then describe in detail what the fart smelled like

We are also back to Weekly Updates!
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For some reason Santana has the STINKIEST farts this week.
She has been eating a lot of red meat and she has been snacking
on seaweed a lot!  For some reason the combination of the two
has given her the FOULEST GAS EVER!  She tells you about it
and you STILL want to sniff her round ass after each fart!  She
can't believe you still want to smell them after she told you how
bad they were but since you LOVE sniffing her butt after a raunchy
fart... she brings her ass over to you each time!   In this "custom"
style video the farts sound SUPER SEXY because the were muffled
in soft surfaces.. like pillows, her couch.... etc.  I can only imagine
what these farts smelled like, in her exact words... THEY STUNK!
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Seeing just how the farts would BBBBPPPPLLAAZZZT off the back
of a hard chair... Does raising your leg to let out a long relieving
fart change the tone of it?  Are farts deeper in panties or bare assed?
Do tight jeans truly change the sound of a loud fart?  These are all
questions that get answered in this latest episode of "weird science".
Great responsibility to research and get answers to these tough questions.
Lots of different scenarios and outfit changes and sexy poses and as
always the clip is LOADED with farts!  Probably her best clip this year!
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This is a simple candid fart clip shot "voyeur" style which means
Sexy Santanta is not paying any attention to the camera.  It's almost
like you are spying on her.  She had a LOT of gas in this one and you will love
the cute facial expressions she makes when letting out these
LONG, LOW TONED farts!  She looks so relieved.. must've felt real good!
Many different poses and backgrounds... she is farting in panties
tight jeans and of course NAKED.  As always loaded with farts too!
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eating a lot of organic foods lately and drinking a lot of smoothies.
Some weird combination of the two has given her the STINKIEST
WEIRDEST smelling farts ever!  She was so upset that she had
no one to fart on so she just pretended she was farting for her
number one fan!  She imagines you behind her, sniffing, biting
and worshiping her big round RUMP!  Lots of great scenes and
poses with LONG MULTI-TONED gusty farts!  She told me they
were SO SMELLY because she has been constipated and when
she finally did go she took a BIG GREEN DUMP!  which explains
why these farts must have stunk SO BAD!!!  MUST SEE UPDATE!!
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Look.. I didn't want to say that this is the
Santana has gotten SO GOOD at making clips!  This is
UNREAL!  Simple concept... your "gassy girlfriend"
thinks its "weird" that you want to sniff her farts but
since she is such a good girlfriend she will let you sniff
her BIG ROUND BUTT after every single LONG, RUMBLY
FART that comes out of it!  She looks SO HOT and her
ass looks so PLUMP and SUPER ROUND!  Not to mention
the farts are so BIG AND SEXY SOUNDING and there are
a LOT OF THEM!  She makes this custom idea so REAL
that you will not believe how good this clip is!  2 GOOD!
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Santana is usually such a sweetie pie
but for some reason she is kinda being
mean in this clip!  She keeps sticking her
HUGE ROUND ass in your face and ripping
HER BEST FARTS YET.. but she thinks you
are a "loser" for wanting to sniff her farts!
She also says "her ass is so perfect" and
you are not even "worthy" to be that close
to it.  All you deserve is her BIG FARTS
being blown in your face!  I kinda like
this new attitude... but that's just me
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Just look at that thing!  Santana's ass is so FAT and PLUMP
especially for her to be so small everywhere else!  I love
the way those full back panties hug her ass!  These farts
are so DEEP! and sound better than ever since she bought
a NEW CAMERA!  In this CUSTOM STYLE clip she pretends
she is your GF and that she has bad gas and cannot stop
farting!  "Sorry honey, I got really bad gas" in her sexy
 sultry voice.  She farts back to back one after another
and it is POV style so you can just imagine yourself behind her
and if you are like me all I can think about is burying
my face in the HUGE, THICK ass of hers!!
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I really don't know what words to use but I will say
this is one of the hottest videos I have seen in my
almost 11 years doing this!  Her body looks so sexy
as she soaps it up and the farts are so LONG!  She is
so sensual in this one.. I especially love when she
masturbates as she releases her LONG, STINKY BUBBLERS!
The cute faces she makes as she pushes them out, I am telling
you this video hits all the marks!  This is fart fetish PERFECTION!
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Batman Videos are not Santana's thing, but that's alright because
there is so much SOUND in this video you will enjoy it just the same!
LONG, DEEP BELLOWING FARTS echoing down the toilet bowl!
LOUD, PLOPPY THICK TURDS splashing in the water!  Santana
Redd is Definitely what we like to call a "2 way Player"
This video has lots of EXPLOSIVE action!  Her ass is just
like a ticking time bomb.....KA----BOOOM!
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You're gonna love the way these farts sound especially
since Santana has a BRAND NEW CAMERA!  Longer, deeper
and more bubbley than ever!  These are must hear farts!
To make this even sweeter this is a face fart video with some
of the hottest poses ever!  Mostly in jeans and some in cute panties!
Santana Redd is the number one model in the world for a reason and
this clip with its BETTER THAN EVER sound will show you exactly why!

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Having your big butt, cute girlfriend call you over to
sniff her fart everytime she "lets one out" is a dream
world that most of us would die to live in!  You have told
her about your fetish and she is happy to "indulge" you
and this is the fantasy that is played out in this new
Santana Redd clip.  Tons of farts and tons of variety
in this one.  Great facial expressions, everything you love!
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This time Santana's man really gets his nose up in their so he
can breathe in that funky fart cloud.  Her huge round ass swallows
up is poor face as she rips fart after fart after long relieving fart!
Her facial expressions are awesome as she pushes out these bombs
on this nose, face and mouth!  Lots of poses, lots of different oufits
and most importantly lots a farts with very little lag time between!
Her ass is getting bigger and bigger and her clips are getting better
and better with every update.  Truly a "top 5 dead or alive" fart model!
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There were several times in this face fart video where
Santana Redd actually felt bad for her man because she
had the STINKIEST GAS EVER!  Santana LOVES Polish
cabbage noodles and she has been eating them all
week and we all know what CABBAGE does to your
insides!!  She has also been chowing down on lots of
red meat and red meat sometimes does not agree
with Miss Santana Redd.. so her guy FELT THE BURN
many times over in this video.  You should see the look
on her face after blowing these TUBA FARTS in this face..
it was actually comical ... she has a smirk on her face like...
"Damn, that one STUNK!  I can't believe you are sniffing that!?"
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This clip right here will show you why Santana Redd might
possibly be the best fart model the fart world has ever
seen!  This clip is LOADED with farts... sexy, sensual poses
lots of warddrobe changes and angles.  She is super pretty..
she's got a BIG ROUND BUTT and she makes great facial
expressions.  She records her clips over a 2 or 3 week period
to ensure she gets ONLY her best farts on film.  Simply put
she is EVERYTHING you could ever want in a fart fetish model.
Ladies and Gentleman show your love and respect..the champ is here!
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When you have thick butt cheeks
and a PHAT ass your farts can sound
DEEP and BASSY even when you are naked!
That's right.. after some sexy candid farts Santana
decided to disrobe and show off her naked body
in all of it's curvy glory.. and even when no clothes
on her farts have that DEEP sexy sound!
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Imagine laying behind her gently kissing,
licking and sniffing her fat round bottom
as she blows LONG, DEEP farts in your face!
Santana loaded up on VEGGIES for you so she
could fart EXTRA STINKY for your pleasure.
She moves her PLUMP RUMP around in a circle
and tells you to "sniff it" while she rips fart after
fart after LONG, DEEP fart!  NO BULLSHIT!  
This clip alone is worth joining this site for!
I bet you will not last 4 OR 5 SECONDS before
you have to shoot your load!  This video is THAT HOT!!
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Honestly.. THIS might actually be the greatest video ever made!
The poses, the farts, the wardrobe...  You may go your whole
life and not see a fart video better than this.. it's LOADED with
action and Santana Redd looks hotter than ever in this one!
She is definitely TOP FIVE dead or alive!
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Sexy Santana loves blowing LONG GUSTY FARTS in her mans
face while he is behind her smelling them but there is one
problem...  THEY STINK SO BAD that she can smell them too!
What I really love about this clip is SANTANA SPEAKS!  Yes
that's right for the first time we hear her sexy voice.. telling
him to "sniff it"... asking him "do you like how it smells?" and
complaining how she can "smell that one out here!"  This is
a MUST SEE CLIP with LONG DEEP FARTS that sound so sexy!
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Let's all congratulate Santana Redd because is the most successful
solo site in C World Entertainment History!  She's
super pretty, she got curves and she is one hell of
a farter!  Santana Redd is one of the best this niche
has ever seen and this update totally shows why!
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Watch Santana draw her bath and sit and rip farts the whole time!
Watch Santana soap up and wash her sexy body and rip farts the whole time!
Her body looks so HOT and these farts are so LONG that the bubbles she made
forced me to title this video BUBBLE RAMA!  But there is another name for it....
plus a sexy bonus showering seen that is equal to or maybe even HOTTER!
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She pushed out LONG farts that rattled the bed springs...
She put on cute full back panties and ripped HUGE farts in your face!
She even did a sexy dance for you while blowing farts your way!
I guess you know what to do now don't you?!..  TEAR DAT ASS UP!
This POV style custom clip idea has been VERY POPULAR with
other models so here is Santana'a version.  After she farts
candidly for you for a while you then begin hitting it from the
back while she is blowing farts on your cock the whole time
and just when you are ready to EXPLODE she rushes over so
you can EMPTY YOUR LOAD right into her mouth and down
her throat!  This is POV experience you will never forget!!
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For the last several weeks she has been giving her
man all of the action.  But this week her sexy HUGE
farts are just for you!  Her sexy dancing and farting
is for you.  Her big round ass farting in panties is
just for you.  The tight jeans, sexy skirts and cute
fart faces for you.. all of it just for you!  No dudes in
this vid.. this is a pov style video so you can be alone
with your favorite fart model as she fulfills your ultimate
fart fantasy!  Time to get out the lotion!
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Santana Redd does not express her love like regular
people.  She shows how much she loves people
by farting on them.  Watch her dance, strip and
totally seduce her man with her sexy girl farts!
This clip has some of her BIGGEST FARTS yet!
She gives him a lap dance, she makes him sniff
her farts from a jar, she rips HUGE JEAN FARTS
while bent over in his face!  The two of them are
not just in love, they are in "fart love".
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Combine the sex appeal of LMT in her face fart videos with
sensual and erotic overtones of the Alexis Yung face fart
videos with the creativity and "out of the box" face fart
videos done by Sereph Doll and what do you have?
Fifty Shades of Spray!  Santana gives her man a sexy
strip tease as she blows LONG, DRAWN OUT farts in his
face!  They make out passionately then she blows a
DEEP MOANING FART into a glass and makes him smell it!
She undresses to reveal her naked body and rips bare assed
farts right on his face and mouth!  This AMAZING face fart
video has it all and trust me.. you will need a cigarette
after watching this video!  IT IS THAT HOT!!!
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Not to take anything away from any model of the past but we have NEVER
seen face fart videos like this!  This video blends the sex appeal of the
early LMT videos with the farts from the Brittany Moore videos!  These
farts are AMAZING!  LONG DEEP BUBBLERS!  Drawn out FOG HORN farts!
We have never had a model look like this and fart like that!  This girls ass
is going to melt his face off!  That thing is for sure a SCREEMIN DEMON!!
All hype aside this is a MUST SEE video for facefart lovers!!  We have not
seen farts like this out of a girl her size since JACKIE DA RIPPER (orig)
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This is the greatest face fart video ever!  The farts are HUGE!
They are SMELLY and they are right up her slaves nose!  10
Different poses, jeans, panties she even gives him a DUTCH OVEN!!
Not since LMT have you seen facefarts like this!  The question is
can her slave stand the smell?!  It's her ass and his nose in this
weeks "main event"  Forget Pacman and Money May... THIS
is the fight I have always wanted to see!!!  this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!!
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Ok.. serious question... how much would you pay?!
1.  How much would you pay to be that stuffed animal
as she blows a long TUBA FART right into your face?
2.  How much would you pay to be that wooden chair
as her round ass reverberated CHEEK
 FLAPPERS all over your hard surface?
3.  How much would you pay to be that stuffed animal
and have your nose nussled between her cheeks as
she blows a long MOANING FART right up your nostrils?!
I am telling you right now I would pay a few thousand for
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If I were to compile a list of the hottest girls to ever
participate in this fetish who would I put on it?
Hmmm... well the first name to come to mind is
Emma Ink.  Next I would have to put Ambrosia
in there.  Thirdly I would have to say Alexa Paige.
Now let me clarify there have been TONS of hot
girls over the years but this "list" is the hottest
of the hot!  Girls that are just too pretty, too girly
and too perfect to be farting on camera.  We can
bounce around a few other names but you better
make sure that Santana Redd is in there!  Such a
beautiful face, such a nice, shapely body.. so dainty
and graceful and easily the BEST FARTER of all the
girls that were mentioned!  She's on my list.. FOR SURE!
Even her "fart faces" are cute!  I love her expressions!
I especially love it when the fart smells so bad that she
has to "break from character" to plug her nose!  HAHA!
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directly to this clip!
I think there are more hot girls farting making videos
right now than ever before!  This is definitely a great
time for girl fart lovers!  The videos are different,
the models have changed.. this is a "new school" of
fart girls we have on the scene today.  Well met me
introduce to you one of the leaders of this "new school"
Super sexy Santana Redd!  Beautiful face, curvy, toned
body and some of the BIGGEST, BUBBLIEST farts we have
ever heard.  Fairly new but already one of the best we have
ever seen!  Already a G.O.A.T. in my opinion  JOIN NOW to
see first hand what all the fuss is about!
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directly to this clip!
Yes you are reading this title correctly.  The hot
feminine "girly girl" you see in those pictures above
can rip bombs like no other!  I don't know if I have ever
seen a girl of her size and stature rip the MONSTER
FARTS like Santana Redd!  Join now to see this sexy
curvy red head RIP HER ASSHOLE OPEN expelling gas!
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directly to this clip!
There are a lot of hot models on the scene
right now.  As a matter of fact I feel like
there are more girls farting on cam than ever
before!  It's like the "golden age" of girl farts!
It's like you are calmly looking around at all
the hotties.. the cute nasty brunette... the
thick big booty chick with the tats...the
"tom boyish" chick with the huge farts...
all of a sudden BAM!  You are knocked over
the head with SANTANA REDD!  Where did
this girl from from?!  So hot, so curvy, so
pretty and such TREMENDOUS FARTS!
This chick has come from outta nowhere
and is ready to take over the game.  She
hits you right in the face like a sucker punch!
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directly to this clip!
Wow.. this chick don't give a FUCK!
I mean just cause you are all pretty
and everything.. and dressed so nice
with hair and make up done.. smelling
good.. with freshly done nails. and sexy
pumps on your feet doesn't mean you can
just hike up your leg and rip HUMONGUOUS
FARTS anytime you want!!  I mean you look
so beautiful and glamorous and all that but
for goodness sakes... have some damn
manners!  You look like a lady but you
are so damned unladylike!!  Ok ok...
honestly I fuckin' LOVE IT...
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directly to this clip!
Sexy Santana is everything you want in
a woman.  Beautiful, feminine, stylish and
very girly.  She is also classy and confident
with a PHAT ASS!  However when it comes
to ripping farts she turns into a big, burly
gross man... at least that is what her farts
will remind you of.  We have a lot of hotties
on the seen at the moment but believe me
when I say that Santana Redd is one to watch!
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Monica Marz likes to feel sexy
Monica Marz likes to look sexy
Sometimes all that sexy in the atmosphere
makes you want to touch yourself.  Sometimes
when you are feeling good and relaxed and masturbating
you have to lift your leg and let out LONG TUBA FARTS!
This girl is on one.. she is feelin' TOO "on"
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in a perfect world...

1.  My hot brunette gf farts for me all the time
2.  She wears cute dresses and rips huge farts
on chairs that make the wood vibrate then she
stands up, turns around and lets me sniff it.
3.  She rips DEEP FARTS that rattle the mattress
of the bed that she is sitting on then she turns
around and lets me sniff the fart out of her butt
4.  She eats foods that make her farts EXTRA
STINKY like cabbage and onionz and sticks
her SPANDEX CLADDED ass right in my face
while ripping fart after fart

Ok, so the world ain't perfect but you CAN
experience this exact fantasy by viewing this clip!
If you know anything about C World Entertainment
then you know that we are all about the all-mighty
BOOTY!  We see our sites as "ass fetish" sites
as well as a site for fart lovers.  Monica Marz
falls well in line with our history of big, round asses.
She is a "cutie wit a booty" and a great farter as well!
Monica Marz is just the type of girl
I pictured in my mind when I started
this company 10 years ago.  HOT, curvy
girly and feminine, pretty and loaded with
confidence!  This girl can FART too!  Sexy
poses, warddrobe changes, hair and make up
done and HUGE LONG FARTS!  If you are not
in love with Monica Marz then I have news for you.
Our goal has been and always will be finding the HOTTEST girls
with the HOTTEST bodies to go against the grain of society
and record there BIGGEST AND BEST farts and share them with
the world!  With that being said I would like to introduce
the "landing" of Monica Marz!  This is one of those times
where there is not a lot to say... simply put...
Yah.. I know.. It's Crazy to call a BRAND NEW MODEL the goat already
but what I can say is this is probably the greatest first video I have ever
gotten.  Goats usually have to be molded into their greatness but this
NEW MODEL came right out of the gates like a roaring lion!  Young,
Not since Ambrosia have I seen a girl turn in her first video and
have it be one of the best I have ever seen.. all bullshit aside fellaz...
I had Sophie put on a bunch of summer dresses and
fart in them while not wearing panties.  She was
shakin' her HUGE round ass the whole time!
Makin' that ass twerk, makin' the dresses move
from her BIG RIPPERS and making some interesting
sounds with her long farts!  Come check out more
 TOOTY TWERKIN!  These farts sound so SEXY!
There is no doubt about it..... Sophie U. Luv. is one of
C World Entertainments "top models" but is she really
down with us?!  I know how you can prove it.. get out your
sexiest panties, pose in all the poses we like be sexy
as fukk then SHIT YOUR PANTS!  That's right show
your devotion and SHIT YOUR PANTS FOR GGG!
I I I...well, whaa... this err ahh.. oh fuck it! this is one of
THE BEST FART CLIPS EVER MADE!!!  Yes I know.  I say this
too often and too much over the years but I would be willing
to bet you money that this is one of the greatest fart videos
your eyes will ever see!  I would bet the farm on this one boys!
Her ass is so THICK AND CURVY.. the farts are so
Nothing more really to be said besides... JOIN NOW!!!
I would compare Sophies big round ass
in tights to bubble gum after you have blown
 a big round bubble.  It's BIG, its ROUND, its
very colorful and tasty and more importantly
I want to put it in my mouth!  On top of that,
these are some of her BEST FARTS!
Watching Sophie U. Love rip LONG, DEEP RIPPERS in tight
colorful leggings is every fart lovers dream!  The way she
poses, the way her ass looks, how HUGE the farts are...
It's like walking on sunshine.  However the real dream would
be to actually be there and to be kissing and sniffing that
big ol round booty!  Now THAT would be true paradise!
I don't know what Sophie did to those poor pants but they
are SCREAMING MAD!  They seem to be the most angry
in the butt area.. right where her asshole would be.
Lots of roaring and DEEP, BASSY sounds coming out
of that particular area.  We call this phenomenon "mean jeans"
I am not going to waste a lot of your time
describing this video but I will say if you
 like big asses and big, long multi-toned
 farts then this new clip is a must see!
I love chicks like Sophie you luv!  
She will do anything to please her man.
Nothing is off limits and that makes
 for a long exciting relationship!  I asked
her a simple question... "Sophie, can you
 rip huge farts in each pair of your panties?"
You know what she told me.. "Of course I can!"
  Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like her?!
I told Sophie to show me EXACTLY what she would do
to me if I ever met her in person.  So she loaded up
on Jamaican food because it gives her loud, EXPLOSIVE
gas!  For 20 MINUTES she unleashes HUGE BOMBS on
my "stand in" a very lucky stuffed animal.  Jerk Chicken,
curried Goat and plantanes gave her fart ROCKET FUEL!
She also says that the smell is DREADFUL!  One day
I will find out myself but for now I have to take her
word for it.  This clip is a KNOCK OUT both to the
stuffed animal and all the competing fart girls out there!

The last few updates alone give you over an hours worth of sexy girl farts!  A much
better deal than buying clips individually not to mention the hours and hours of farts
you get for the low subscription price!  Join today!
Fly me to the moon

Sophie wants you to fly her out to where you live so
you can take her shopping and show her around.
Buy her nice gifts, take her to nice restaurants and
she promises to fart for you for as much as you can take!
She made a video wearing her sexiest outfits just to
convince you to fly her out to see you.  She wants to show
you the HUMONGOUS farts she is going to rip 4 U.  This video
is SO HOT I bet you would be willing to fly her to the moon!

The last few updates alone give you over an hours worth of sexy girl farts!  A much
better deal than buying clips individually not to mention the hours and hours of farts
you get for the low subscription price!  Join today!
Enter the Dragon
Poor Sophie is trying to finish up her photo shoot because she is late for a hot date.  Her lunch of spicy beef and noodles is coming back at her with a vengeance.  Simply put, she has CRAZY BAD GAS!  Her stomach is so bloated with gas and it is very painful, you can tell by the look on her face.  She is farting like there is no tommorrow and they are BIG, LONG and very POWERFUL.  Her ass
 is like a dragon!  Get too close and get burned!
Sophie does all the right things when making videos.
All the sexy angles, full wardrobe and sexy themes but
make no mistake about it... THIS GIRL CAN FART!!
Holy Moly these farts are so huge and long that they
sounded like they must've hurt coming out!  I know
what Sophie wants for Christmas... a new O RING!
You will love the facial expressions as she is pushing
out these monsters and this clip is LOADED with em'
Sophie is new on the scene but I have never seen somebody
get so good so quick! Now the "Greatest Of All Time" label
is too big to bestow upon one model but THIS video puts
her on the very short list with Lizzy and Jackie "the ripper"
and Brittany Moore and the other iconic fart models.
This is in the top 5 of the best fart videos ever made
and guess what... IT'S OVER 20 MINUTES LONG!

The last 3 updates alone give you over an hours worth of sexy girl farts!  A much
better deal than buying clips individually not to mention the hours and hours of farts
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Tight Jeans are a staple in fart videos so when
you have an ass like Sophies it is an extra bonus.
I don't know who offended that big ol jean booty
but it was definitely ANGRY!  Yelling, screaming,
roaring big bassy rippers like a crazy person!(or crazy butt)

The last 3 updates alone give you over an hours worth of sexy girl farts!  A much
better deal than buying clips individually not to mention the hours and hours of farts
you get for the low subscription price!  Join today!
Sophie has CRAZY BAD GAS!  She can't do anything
without farting!  She can't sleep, she can't get dressed
she can't take a nap, she can't clean she cannot even
leave the house!  Swedish meatballs give her really
bad gas apparently... and according to her they STUNK!
Already one of the hottest models to ever fart on
camera, Sophie U. Luv brings the naughty, sexy
"girl next door" thing like Kinky Kristi with the
Killer curves and Killer farts of a Lexxxi Lockhart!
This clip is MIND BLOWING!  So girly, so feminine,
so THICK and her farts are HUGE in this one!  The
ONLY complaint that I have is that I was not personally
there when these farts were being ripped from her ass.
Now THAT would have been paradise!
Sophie U. Luv is your girlfriend!

Sexy Sophie is a very attentive girlfriend.  She talks to you and
tells you about her day.  She wants to know how yours was also.
Most importantly she knows you are crazy about girl farts so every
time she farts she pokes that PLUMP RUMP right in your face and
let's it rip!  Girly dresses, yoga pants, sexy panties... whatever
she has on at the time she will fart right in your face!  This POV
clip is so well done that you will go out and buy her a ring after viewing it!

Naughty Natt needed to cum so she began to masturrbate.
3 hours prior Natt needed to eat so she got a carne asada burrito.
I think you know where I am going with this.  Watching beautiful
women play with themselves and fart at the same time is right
at the top of my list of BEST THINGS EVER!
The Waiting Game
You won't let her sleep, you won't
leave her side.  You want farts, plain
and simple!  She keeps farting and farting
for you and they all smell like pooop!  She
puts her ass in your face, she fingers her asshole
and she continues to fart so you will leave her alone!
Coco Simone wants to get in the shower but she
knows she has to take a big DUMP so she is waiting
until that happens before she showers.  So you are
sitting there on the couch, laying behind her while
she is ripping all of her pre pooop farts right in your
face!  She knows you like it, she thinks its hilarious
but as a good girlfriend she keeps ripping fart, after
fart, after pre pooop fart right in your face!
The Waiting Game
Ok, so you are laying in the bed with your hot girlfriend
and she is trying so hard to understand why you like
to smell her farts.  She thinks it is the weirdest thing
ever but she will still fart for you.  So you wait.  Sitting
there listening to her blab away.. blah blah BLAH!
You are only laying there with her because you
are waiting for her to stick her round booty in
your face and let off some farts up your nose.
My friend you are playing the "waiting game".

We just teamed up with one of the hottest new models on the
scene right now to do EXCLUSIVE content for C-WORLD!  Brilyne
Bailey got a DONKEY BOOTY!  We have a lot of girls with hot asses
but most of them are thicker girls.  "Beedy B." is a thin girl and then
she turns around and that ass is like POW!  She is also a fantastic
farter!  You will LOVE her first set with us!  Sexy candid farts in
sexy panties and the video is OVER 21 MINUTES LONG!

Watch the sexiest black girl to ever fart on cam
put on sexy, lacy lingerie and seduce you with
her farts!  There are some pretty big ones too in this
20 MINUTE VIDEO!  She wants you to stroke your cock
to her farts, she wants you to eat her ass and her kitty!
She is off the hook with the sexy talk in this video
and she looks  hot as hell!  You will likey, I promise!

These farts are so BIG, BOLD AND WET that Peggy ended up
soiling her panties!  What else can I say?  Welcome to the Shart Tank!
Allow her to reintroduce herself!  This boys and girls
is a history lesson.  Fun Peggy was one of the very
first girls to fart online for the whole world to see.
She wants to tell you all about it!  She is one of the
founding fathers of fart fetish, she is an icon!  Of
course this clip would not be complete without
nice "voyeur" type clips mixed in toward the end.
Pay attention students!  School is now in session!
The Fart Fetish Test!

Do you love HUGE ASSES? do you find it hot when girls fart?
If you are not sure about the answer to those two questions
then you need to take the fart fetish test.  It is quite simple.
Watch this Fun Peggy movie and if it does not turn you on
within the first 30 seconds... if you do not have a boner
that actually HURTS.... if you don't think this is one
of the BEST big booty, fart videos you have ever seen
then you MIGHT not have a fart fetish.

Eggy Peggy!

These farts were HUGE and they smelled like
Rotten Eggs according to FP.  Her ass looks
great in this clip and the fart sounds are
sexy as hell!  This is probably my favorite
clip of her since her "comeback".  Not much
more to say other than this is HOT HOT HOT!
Not to mention it is 17 MINUTES LONG!
Big Round Naked Rump!

Fun Peggy is back and better than ever!
I am more of a "clothed fart" kind of guy but
Peggy's butt is so big, so round and thick that
her farts still sound like she is wearing tight jeans
even when she is bucked naked!

What I wouldn't give to kiss on that thing, bury my
face in that thing, smell that thing! Mmmmmmmm.
Not to mention, this is another 20 MINUTE FART MOVIE!
1 for you 1 for me

Sexy Coco loves blowing fart perfume into the
stuffed bears face but he better learn to share
because I want some of that too!  POV style!
It ain't no fun if the homiez can't have none!

As always this update includes an AWESOME
 toilet fart clip that happens to be shot batman style!
The Black Goat

Ordinarily if someone called you a black goat
you would be insulted.  Here at C World we
consider that a high honor because it means
you are Black and you are the Greatest of All time!

She's got the ass, the sexy sounding farts and
she has put in the work to learn what her fans
really want to see.  So pretty and great on the toilet too.
As always this update includes an AWESOME
 toilet fart clip that happens to be shot batman style!
Toot it and Boot it!

Coco does not have the biggest ass in the
world but it sure is round and full for her
petite frame and she really knows how
to "work it".  I mean look at it!

She is getting bigger farts with every update too!
Toot that thang mama! Bring it over here and put it
in my face!  MMMmmmmm. I just love Caramel Apples!
As always this update includes an AWESOME toilet fart clip!
Trading Places

This idea has been done before by many
of our models.  Coco has put her very own
twist to it and it came out SMOKIN' hot!

She turns that poor(lucky) teddy bear
into her very own personal fart cushion.
The farts sound so sexy and her ass is so
caramel and round!  I just want to bite it!
I would do ANYTHING to trade places with that bear!
This update  includes a bonus fart clip!
She has GUTA LA BA BA pretty bad in this one!
Come and get your Soul Food!

Coco is very thin and athletic and for the most
part likes to eat healthy but she does have one
weakness.  Good Ol Fashioned soul food!
She recently cooked some for a bunch of
friends and has been eating leftovers
all week long!

As you can imagine this food gives her the
WORST gas!  She feels that it is worth it to
be super GASSY for a week because the
food in her words was "super yummy".
This update  includes a bonus toilet fart
clip after all the farting is done!

I cannot think of anything better than a
beautiful light skinned girl.  How about this..
A beautiful light skinned girl farting just because
she knows you like it?!  Ha.. even better!

Girls this pretty farting on cam is rare.
Girls that are this pretty and also BLACK and
farting on camera is even more rare!  This
update even includes a bonus toilet fart
Laugh now Cry later

Coco has spent this last week consuming some of her favorite
foods.  Ice Cream, Spicy mexican food and 3 bean soup just to
name a few of them.  Her tummy was one happy camper!

However her tummy was not so happy once all those different foods
blended together and formed a HURRICANE in her digestive track.
Let's just say by the end of the week that happy stomach of hers
was definitely crying!  Classic dropping, classic plopping here on GGND!
Like a box of Chocolates

Watch this clip and you will have a nice surprise because
each fart is different!  Some public, some morning farts,
some "fetishy" some voyeur.  Coco gives you the whole Shabang!

Welcome the incredible Coco Simone to GGND.  She is likely to
take this site over, lets see how she does.  This clip is a great start!

I realize that it is only October but some people really
get into the Holiday spirit early. Naughty Natt is one of those people.

I usually start putting out my stuff after Thanksgiving but some
people can't wait that long.  Watch NN decorate her tree and
wrap some presents all the while farting her ass off!  Yes
my friends the Christmas spirit is definitely in the air!

The best damn Naked fart clip!

If I am being honest when it comes to farts and fart
clips I am a "clothed" fart type of guy.  My people know
what I mean when I say that..... at least up until now.

You see Peggy's ass is so BIG and so BEAUTIFUL that she
has converted me into a naked fart lover!  These farts were
HUGE and VERY LONG!  I want to worship that ass for sure!
NN takes you to sheer extacy!

I love watching hot chicks play with themselves!
It is even better when the have "bad gas" at the time!

What is so awesome about NN is that she really gets
into it!  No fakes here!  She is so into it it will make
you get into it even more!  She is SO turned on
and you will be too!  Who will come first?
What did I eat?!

Something Fun Peggy has eaten has
given her the STINKIEST gas ever!

Being a mid-western girl, Peggy has
a pretty open mind toward food so
it could have been a number of things
that gave her terrible gas.  Spicy Chili,
sour kraut, or maybe it was the buttermilk.
I bet it was the buttermilk......

From the company the created the terms
"dropping apples" and "guata la ba ba"
we would like to introduce a new term.

We know what most people consider a PAWG
to be and Fun Peggy is definitely that but in
our world a PAWG is a PHAT ASS WITH GAS!
Watch Peggy poke out her big ol booty and
rip huge farts in tight jeans for your pleasure!
Dragon Lady!

The farts in this clip came roaring out
of Peggy's ass like a DUNGEON DRAGON!

Tight pants, cute panties and short mini skirts!
You will like the outfits and you will most definitely
love the sound of some of these farts!   HUGE!

I called this video butt hurt simpley because these
farts sounded like the must have hurt when they
came out!  She must have blown out her O ring!

I don't know what she at but it sure did give her
EXPLOSIVE gas!  As an added bonus her ass
looks AMAZING in this weeks choice of outfits!
Hot Pants!

This is a "voyeur" style clip of Fun Peggy
ripping loud, bassy farts in tight pants!
Jeans, leggings, sweats, you name it!

I love the way her ass looks in this vid!  When
she is laying on her stomach, with her ass in
the air I can just imagine burying my face
deep inside her ass crack!  Mmmmmmm.

Fun Peggy is one of the icons of this fetish for so
many reasons.  Not only is she a pioneer for her
farting talents but she has a really nice big round booty!

Being an ass lover I tend to gravitate toward the
fart models with the bigger booties.  As you will see
with the size of her farts and the size of her ass Fun
Peggy will always be one of my all time favorites!
Get down behind me and smell that!

Our very first "gassy girl next door"
Fun Peggy is back with a never
before seen fart fest.  She wants
you to get down behind her and smell
her loud, long farts!  Any takers?

Personally I have done it many times!
Smelling hot girls farts can be a way
of life... you should try it!  P.S. According
to Fun Peggy these reeked of rotten eggs!
7 second RIPPERS!

Natt in this clip plays the role of your girlfriend.
She is still trying to understand why you are so
turned on by her farts.  She thinks it's funny yet cute.

These farts were very long and very bubbley!  One of
them I clocked at 7 seconds long!  She thinks it's
hilarious and you will think it is a sexy as hell!
the "BAD GAS" continues

Natt is all dressed up with no place to go because
she cannot leave the house!  She has such bad
gas she is afraid to go out in public!

In her words.. these were the 'longest farts of her life!'
I can say however that she looked VERY HOT in all of
these clips!  Especially in the short dresses that
showcase her thick sexy legs......mmmmmmm!

It happens to the best of us!  It's like the combination
of what you have been eating for the last few days
has created that perfect storm of BAD GAS!

She cannot even enjoy relaxing in her bed because
she cannot stop farting!  If only I was there to help
her "sniff" them out of the air.  SMDH
"What in the Sam Hell?!?!"

What The F*ck?!

"In your face with bubbley waste"

Naughty Natt is famously known for her farts being so long and
bubbley!  Well imagine them being blown directly into your face!

She wears different outfits and even does some in the nude!
Chili and beer happened to be the fuel and I promise you can
almost taste these farts are ass is so close to the camera!
This is your fart fantasy being played out on video so sniff it up boys! (and girls)

Naughty Natt has got legs and she knows how to use them!
I love her thick, sexy toned legs.  Thay are actually pretty
long for her body frame and they look so nice and smooth.

In this video Natt will be farting LadyLike style!  She described
the smell as "not very lady like"  Showing off those
sexy legs and ripping long bubbley farts made for an excellent clip!
"If I was your girlfriend"

My favorite clip of all time.  Just imagine that Natt
is your girlfriend.  You have been wanting her to fart
for you every since you met her.  Although she thinks
its kinda "weird" she has agreed to do this for you.

Well that day has finally arrived that she is willing to fart
for you and the scenario is played out in this clip POV
style!  You are the fart loving bf and Natt is your girl
ready and willing to perform for you.  Join now!

NEWSFLASH: Not every woman in the world is in love
with Tom Bradey the famous football player.  As a
matter of fact Naughty Natt hates him and his silly
haircut.  She has a Doll of his likeness and she is going
to really show us all how she feels about that guy!

She will rip HUGE farts in his face one after the other!
Let me tell you something.. some of these farts were
LOOOOOOONG!  As you watch Tom get punished many
of you will sit there thinking "I wish I was Tom right now".
OKAY OKAY.. ALL of us will be thinking that.. let's be real.
"Naughty Natt is feeling herself"

This is the very first clip of the re-launch of this site and
it is HOT HOT HOT!  Naughty Natt has a quandry.  She is
super horny but yet she is super gassy at the same time!

In her first masturbation clip she lays there and pleasures
her self while letting out the LONGEST, BUBBIEST farts
you will ever hear!  Naughty Natt is feeling herself.. well
don't worry Natt, I am feeling you too baby!
"Peg's Panty Paradise!"

Peggy got out her favorite panties
and ripped some major ass in them!
Her booty looks so full and round
and the farts in this set sound
so sexy!  She looks so hot in
those purple and orange panties!
You will want to jump through
your computer screen!  MMmm
I just want to kiss it and bury
my face into it!


More "fragrant fouls" taking place in this clip!
Fun Peggy is wearing that ultra sexy referee
costume again!  It hugs her ass so nicely and
she really let off some good farts in this one.
I usually hate refs but this one I am in love with!


Here we have Fun Peggy ripping HUGE
farts in one of my favorite outfits!
As a ref she was called for Unneccesary
fluffness and holding(in her gas for too long)
She as also tagged for a Fragrant one and
a Fragrant number two!  Soon after the
video was done she was called for
traveling( to the toilet to let out the
rest of her stomach ache)

"Call of the Wild!"

Listening to these farts made me
feel just like I was in the jungle!
They were so cool sounding!
I heard a couple moose calls,
I heard an owl hooting and for
some reason there was a cow
in the woods because I definitely
heard some long MOOO-ING farts!
We already have a Queen of Farts
so let's for now call Peggy, Queen
of the jungle farts!

"Hat Trick"

Watch Fun Peggy perform
3 of our favorite scenarios!
Sexy short skirt, pajamas
and NUDE!  That is a "hat trick"
around here ya know!  The
farts in this clip are AWESOME
and of course her big round ass
looks amazing!  This is another classic fart video!


These farts from Fun Peggy were
very POWERFUL!  They came out
with such force they sounded like
they must have hurt when they
came out!  FP aims that fart in
your "general direction" and
totally BLASTS OFF!  When
I remind you that this is video
and not reality I don't want you
getting all "butt hurt" about it.
(wink wink)

"The Beauty of the Booty"

Around here we feel like a big round naked
ass is like a work of art and there aren't many
that are as beautiful as Fun Peggys!  This clip
would be amazing even without the HUGE,
asshole puckering farts!  Her GINORMOUS
round ass is something I could look at all
day long!  The farting just takes the whole
thing over the top!  This is just RIDICULOUS!

"Beauty and the BEAST!"

Peggy's big ol booty is beautiful!
That's a given and we have discussed
that but what we also have to face is
that UGLY things come out of that booty!
FunPeggy is great to look at but this girl
is an awesome farter too!  So if we give
props to the beauty(her butt) we have
to also acknowledge the beast as well
(her very bad gas!)

"Just put ya ass in the air......"

Just put ya ass in the air, and fart like ya just don't care!
In this clip Peggy is doing exactly what I like.  Laying
on her tummy and sticking that ass right up in the air!
That ass is just beggin' to have a face buried in it!
Any volunteers?  Me me me!  Yea.. I know.. that
would be one hell of a long line!  Join!

"Can I put my ass in your face?"

*in my best Charlie Sheen voice*..... DUUUHHH!
Do you really think you have to ask me Fun Peggy
if I want that GINORMOUS round ass in my face?!
DUH!  Bring it over here please and fart for me!
I want it right in my face!  I want it so close that
I will be able to guess what you had for lunch!
Fun Peggy's big, round farting ass one inch
away from my face....... WINNING!

"Iconic Jean Farts!"

What do you call jean farts from a fart fetish icon?
Iconic Jean farts!  Yes.. Fun Peggy was one of the
original girls to fart on cam and share with the
world.. that makes her an icon.. she is farting
in jeans in this clip.  That makes these "iconic"
jean farts!  If you like BIG BUTTS and Girls Farting
then you should join Fun today!