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OCTOBER 12th 2019

Santana your hot roommate farts around
you all the time and sometimes she asks
you to smell them because she thinks
its funny.  This time she ate some bad
GREEN PEPPERS and her farts really
stink.  She wants you to sniff them!

OCTOBER 6th 2019

she is no BRAT she is your fart fetish
fantasy girl and she is farting just for YOU!
"how do they smell?" she asks... "do you
like the way the smell?"  She as been eating
a lot of meat so the farts have that "sulfur"
smell.. that typical fart smell.. you know the one!

SEPTEMBER 29th 2019

Santana slobs all over your big hard
cock WHILE FARTING.. then she turns
around and throws that ass back on your
dick.. WHILE FARTING.. you are fucking her
wet pussy and the smell of ROTTEN EGGS
fills up your nose with every fart!  there is
NO WAY you can pull out.. you bout to have a baby!!

SEPTEMBER 22nd 2019

Santana wants you to get round behind her ass and see how many stinky farts to the face you can take while she is wearing tight jeans.  She said they really are "bad" today but she also wants your opinion.


Santana is farting RIGHT IN YOUR FACE..
just like you asked  her to.  She just has
 some questions for you..
"do they smell like eggs?"
"do you like they way they smell?"
"do they stink?"
I would be happy to be back there
sniffing and answering her questions!


RUMBLY!  the sound of them
REVERBERATIING off the chair
is so hot!  Next she will put that
same jean cladded ass right
on your TEETH and give your
mouth a ROOT CANAL!


Sit down and take these smelly farts like
a man!  You have been bugging her to fart
in your face and she is finally doing it for
you. but she is not in the mood for any
chit chat.  just close your mouth and
open your nose and sniff these ANGRY
sounding deep and aggressive farts!

AUGUST 31st 2019

Santana Redd is another one of those models
that is able to get BASSY FART SOUNDS when
completely naked.  This is the BEST STUFF
Santana has ever done!  She sees Selena, she
sees Debbie Mufasa and Dakota.. and Santana
loves the competition.. because she wants to
be the VERY BEST of all the models!

AUGUST 26TH 2019

The typical fart smell  aka sulfur.  that is how
Santana described the smell of these farts
She also said the smell stayed in her thick
denim practically all day!  She was carrying
the smell of her farts with her everywhere
she went.  She wants you to sniff them away!

AUGUST 19TH 2019

SEE THE EXAMPLE PIC!  These farts were so POWERFUL they moved Santana's dress... and she is wearing a heavy velvet dress not a light sun dress.. they were EXPLOSIVE and she said they STUNK LIKE EGGS and she pretended to blow them RIGHT IN YOUR FACE at EYE LEVEL!  Man I wish I was really there!

AUGUST 11TH 2019

Santana is a great clip maker.. very sexy and hot with good themes in her content but let us not forget THIS GIRL CAN FART!  Wearing these SKIN TIGHT LEGGINGS some of these farts were in the SELENA LOCA range.. I mean that DEEP BUBBLY BIG BERTHA type of sound!  and her ass looks just PERFECT!


SANTANA RED WANTS TO SMOTHER YOU WITH HER ASS!  She wants to fart in your face and more importantly she wants to BURY YOUR FACE IN HER FART so you CAN'T BREATH.  She keeps SMOTHERING YOUR ENTIRE FACE with her huge ass and farting NON STOP... good news... at the end she GAGS and CHOKES ON YOUR COCK while deep throating and slobbering on it!

JULY 26TH 2019

PAARRRPPPPP!  over and over again PARRRRRP!
 back to back with no lag time... PARRRRRRRP!  
Santana's fart sounds in these jeans will
 drive you WILD!  ZERO CHANCE you last
 till the end of this video!

JULY 18TH 2019

In this fart fetish fantasy you and your sexy girlfriend Lola Luv are just hanging out and talking while she catches up on some emails... you are HORNY AS FUCK looking at that sexy body but she has BAD GAS and she wants to LET OUT HER STINKY FARTS before you guys have sex.  So she sits there.. plays on the cpu and FARTS LIKE A CRAZY PERSON to get the gas out and you guys finally fuck at the end... SCORE!

JULY 11TH 2019

My and my secretary don't get anything done at work.
 It was probably a mistake hiring a girl THIS HOT.
  All she does is fart all day and then she lets me
 sniff them.. then I jerk off into her mouth..
just another day at the office.
JULY 4TH 2019

Shes gotta BOOP but you want to sniff her farts before she drops her load because that is when they are the STINKIEST!  so she warns you how bad they are going to stink and how bad she has to go and farts in your face over and over again!

JUNE 24TH 2019

Me and my wife wanted to hire a secretary for our business so we interviewed this chick named "Lola".  Granted she was hot as hell.. but she was WEIRD!  She really was not answering our questions.  She just kept saying "I farted.. did you hear it?"  She kept just FARTING LOUDLY right in front of us and kept saying "I farted.. did you hear it?"  I must admit I was turned on.. her legs were so thick and sexy and she was really cute.. plus her farts kind of turned me on... but I had to ask myself... "what kind of secretary is this?"   It was kinda funny and hot.